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DrupalCon Portland 2013

Chris Ruppel @rupl

Who am I?

Chris Ruppel

frontend developer

Four Kitchens: we make BIG websites

I do open source stuff:

Lessons from TV

Strive to deliver the best experience everywhere

NOT the same experience. The best experience.

Further reading:
Progressive Enhancement 2.0 Tiered Adaptive Frontend Experiences (TAFEE) Modernizr 3 workflow

tiered, adaptive front-end experiences

Customize the experience to the
unique capabilities of each browser.

Prioritize reliable, fast UX over consistency.

Old browsers are black/white TVs, new browsers are HD

How can we solve...

  • Device diversity
  • Fragmentation between versions
  • Fragmentation between devices
  • Backward compatibility
  • Future friendliness

user-agent sniffing is error-prone;
unable to scale as more devices are created

Detect individual features on
each browser using Javascript


When to use a test?

Can I use stays current on browser support

HTML5 Please has polyfills and some loose recommendations.

Don't always use Modernizr

  • border-radius has a natural fallback: 0px
  • gradients have natural single-color fallbacks

  • Location-based apps will always need Geolocation
  • Inline SVG looks awesome on hi-rez displays and
        incurs no download penalty

When should you test?

If you need geolocation, test for it.

If you need CSS transitions, test for them.

If you need HTML5 audio or video, test for them.

If you need inline SVG, test for it.

If you need web sockets, test for it.

If you need data URIs, test for them.

If you need something cool and the
UI breaks without it, test for it.

Conditional loading

Load things based on tests

  • Browser properties
  • Browser features
  • User actions or preferences

Making these decisions in the browser is the
core mechanism for tiered experiences.


      test: Modernizr.geolocation,
      nope: '/sites/all/libraries/geolocation/geo.js',
      callback: function(){ geo.init(); }

Progressive loading

Modernizr can be used the other way around too.
Use it to load stuff only when needed.

            test:'(min-width: 42em)'),
             yep: '/sites/all/themes/example/xl.css'

One Less JPG

Modernizr module

How does it help me build tiered experiences?

Drupal APIs

Test API: allows modules/themes to declare tests

Load API: allows modules/themes to use Modernizr.load()

Test API

Modules use a hook:

              function MYMODULE_modernizr_info() {
                $tests[] = 'geolocation';
                return $tests;

Themes use the .info file:

              modernizr[tests][] = geolocation

Rebuild Modernizr

Load API: Modules

Modules use another hook:

function MYMODULE_modernizr_load() {
  $load[] = array(
    'test' => 'Modernizr.geolocation',
    'nope' => array('/' . drupal_get_path('module','geolocation') . '/js/geo.js'),
    'callback' => 'function(){ geo.init(); }',
  return $load;

...which turns into:

      test: Modernizr.geolocation,
      nope: '/sites/all/modules/geolocation/js/geo.js',
      callback: function(){ geo.init(); }

Load API: Themes file:

modernizr[Modernizr.cssfilters][yep][] = css/super-fancy.css

...turns into:

    test: Modernizr.cssfilters,
     yep: '/sites/all/themes/mytheme/css/super-fancy.css'

works the same as module hooks too. docs

Pitching compatibility

Browser versions are dead

Why limit a site based on a stale browser version?

Instead, we should be asking
what features are needed to make this site? 

Use the data we have

Take the high-level requirements (both yours and the client's) and plug it into caniuse, and get a rough compatibility percentage

Tell your client:
"Yes, IE8 will support 83% of the features."

I want to use...

A tool has been built that lets you visualize caniuse data and see how many browsers fully support it
(and don't forget

Modernizr v3

This type of project estimation is on the roadmap.

Tests now include dependencies and links to caniuse.

Systems like Drupal are poised to take
advantage of this data in an automated fashion.

  "name": "CSS Animations",
  "property": "cssanimations",
  "caniuse": "css-animation",
  "polyfills": ["transformie", "csssandpaper"],
  "tags": ["css"],
  "warnings": ["Android < 4 will pass this test, but can only animate a single property at a time"],
  "notes": [{
    "name" : "Article: 'Dispelling the Android CSS animation myths'",
    "href": ""
define(['Modernizr', 'testAllProps'], function( Modernizr, testAllProps ) {
  Modernizr.addTest('cssanimations', testAllProps('animationName'));

Move the web forward

Nudging clients toward this outlook helps everyone.

Especially you!


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